A rambling record of various things I have shared with the web.  Things here are generally targeted at my friends and family.

— Jayson


Preying On Youth?

Being fairly unconventional in my youth, I have some exciting stories.  One time I spent my birthday money on “Subliminal Tapes”.  The theory was that they had hidden recordings that played directly into your subconscious. That sounded like it made sense to me (being about 12), so I purchased a few.  Two that I recall were one to improve my bowling game (I was in a kid’s league at the time), and one titled “Do It Now!”.  Even at 12, I knew I was a procrastinator.  It was a harmless purchase, even if a naive one. At that point IRead more →

Genius Speaks For Itself

As I’m sure everyone has heard already, George Carlin died this week (picture kindly borrowed from Wikipedia). We all choose to remember the people that influence us in different ways.  George is easy to memorialize because so much of his work is so faithfully recorded. I was able to find my favorite one of his routines on YouTube.  I’ve included it here for your viewing. Make sure you listen all the way through.  He insults a lot of people early on, but if you listen to his message, you’ll see that his message, while dark, actually transcends most of theRead more →


Saturday was eventful.  A MUNI train rear-ended another one in front of the apartment.  It was before a game, so there were tons of people around and it was a bit crazy.  There were 6 ambulances at one point.  The track was running later that day. It’s hard to appreciate the damage from the pictures.  Keep in mind that these trains have a giant steel connector that sticks out of each end about a foot or two.  For these trains to be that close, it means that two of these assemblies have met and crumpled enough to shorten the wholeRead more →

Random Erlang Article

We really should have tried harder to hire Yariv.  He’s an awesome guy.  I recently found this on his blog. It’s an excellent comparison of Erlang and Scala.  However, it’s even better as a very concise, succinct explanation of how the pieces of Erlang fit together to make it so useful.

A Sad Goodbye

For those of you who haven’t heard, Daniel Joseph Dougherty died Friday from complications from his cancer.  The specifics probably don’t matter.  For those who want to know, his heart was stopped by a blood clot, possibly from bleeding within his heart.  The story I got was muddled. Ironically, I was actually looking at plane tickets to go see him shortly before he died.  He had requested that we make it out so that he could see us and his namesake, David Joseph, before things got any worse.  As you might imagine, this has hit Alicia and I pretty hard.Read more →

A Warm Welcome

By Jayson Vantuyl on April 16, 20081 commentPosts

I’d like to introduce you to David Joseph Vantuyl. He was born April 15, 2008 at 8:39 PM PST. It was a warm spring day in San Francisco, California. He weighs in at 6 lbs 5 oz and is 19 inches long. He is also disarmingly cute, as can be seen in the pictures here. He’s healthy and is generally happy (unless tickled).

First Post, Again

Well, my old blog is effectively gone.  I could recover it, but I don’t have the time.  Wasn’t that much on it anyways. Let’s see how well blogger handles remote blogs.  I’m kind of curious actually.